Poker Software Tools For Poker Players

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There are a myriad of poker software programs available. They can help your game and give you an advantage over other players. However, there is controversy over some programs being used unfairly. Finding tools to improve your game but don’t help you win unfairly is key to enjoying the strategies of the game.

Some types of gambling software, however, are controversial when used during online poker play, such as programs that share card data between players, or use database mining for statistics on players that you have never played before. Using these programs is considered cheating at many online poker casinos and they are prohibited from being used. However, other helpful tools can give you an edge and improve your playing capacity.

Helpful poker software programs range from calculating odds to giving playing recommendations based on your hand. Others can profile your opposing players during the game. There is also tracking software to analyze your personal game play over a number of matches. These programs can be very useful for players who are trying to improve their playing ability.

Odds Calculators

Attempting to do poker odds in your head, especially for variants like no-limit Texas Hold’em, can become complicated. Poker software that calculates these odds for you can be very useful.

Advantages includes

arrow Instant calculations for quicker decision making during game play
arrow Accurate results for important information on how to play a hand
arrow Knowing when to bet or call according to the odds saves you from making improper bets and losing money

Odds calculators are very helpful poker software tools that can help a player learn the best moves to make, no matter what cards are dealt to them. They can improve a player’s skill in the game, and their use is allowed at almost every online gambling business.

Poker Trackers

Poker tracking software tracks your progress during every game, and gives you statistics to help you analyze your game. Graphs created from these statistics can help you determine how well you are playing. This poker software can help you become a better player by:

arrow Easily pinpointing the hands where you lost the most, creating a replay of the hand to determine if you made a wrong bet or move
arrow Creating graph that chart wins (up) and losses (down) so you can determine if you’re consistently playing hands incorrectly
arrow Creating profit/loss statistics for every session of game play

Tracking software is an important tool for any serious poker player. Analyzing your game statistics through this poker software can give you a great idea of your playing habits and any weaknesses that need to be addressed before you start online casino play.

Heads-Up-Display Software

Observing your opponents is a big part of any poker game. Analyzing your opponents can take the focus off of your own hand, however. Heads-up-display, otherwise known as HUD software, can analyze your opponents for you, giving you an advantage without taking your mind from your own hand. HUD software helps you to:

arrow Calculate how often opponents bet, call, or fold
arrow Analyzes statistics to determine percentage of player actions
arrow Observe hand history for every hand that has been dealt and give statistics based on that information

HUD software can give you an edge over your opponents by helping you determine their playing habits. This can give you an idea of when to stay in the game or fold, depending on a number of statistics and your own observations. Knowing how opponents will react will help you know how to bet against them, which will increase your win rate and help to maximize your profits.

Table Selection Software

If you were an amateur poker player, you wouldn’t join a table of professionals and hope to win, would you? Table selection software, used in conjunction with other poker tracking software, helps you determine the best tables to play at that will give you better odds of winning against the players that are there.

The poker software determines this by:

arrow Using your databases to scan tables for players you have played with before and listing the stats of these players
arrow Selecting the tables with the weaker players for you to join

Using this poker software can help you find the most profitable tables for you. Playing at tables with weaker players will increase the likelihood of having winning hands, which can increase your winnings dramatically.

Using poker software tools can advance your game playing abilities immensely, and give you an edge over your opponents. Be sure to check the rules of the online gaming business whose poker tables you are using to make sure you can legitimately use these tools. Some software tools may be prohibited from certain online casinos. Using these and other poker software tools can help you become a more skilled poker player, and increase your chances of winning.


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